How a DC Magnetic Motor Controller Works - Basic Troubleshooting of an Old DC Motor Starter(1)

Update:29 Nov 2019

With manufacturing facilities and industrial developmen […]

With manufacturing facilities and industrial development over the years, powering the machine the way we are constantly developing. By motivation, I mean the movement to carry out controlled or start a process. The key here is that the motor industry itself. Whether they are small, medium or large, need to control it. For security reasons, they need to be to start, stop and change the overall speed and also need to properly perform its selected function. Unsafe speed motor to rotate, may result in dangerous, it could be dangerous to their connected devices. The motor controller can do this. Control start and accelerate to an appropriate speed, and then monitor the motor to ensure that it functions within its range of rated power, of course, stop the motor.
For decades, electromagnetic DC motor control is the most effective way to accomplish the work.

These complex circuits sometimes a relay, a contactor, a timer and a resistor composition can be found anywhere in industrial motor. At that time, new technologies which are substituted controller drum, the drum controller controls the use of human factors acceleration of the motor. On these controllers, the operator has the responsibility to use the contacts mounted on the handle to open the drum and the motor to reach the appropriate speed. Rotation of the handle the faster the speed of the operator, the motor accelerates faster. Running speed of the motor may be controlled by a handle, so that it stops at a certain position is not fully deflected. With these controls, the motor may be reversed by rotating the handle in the opposite direction. Drum Controller over-reliance on the operator's soft touch, and therefore high efficiency and safety. DC magnetic controller was easily become a recognized method for the motor control.

Controlled DC motor controlled acceleration and maximum speed controllers make these ideal for industrial machinery. Cutler Hammer (Cutler Hammer), Westinghouse (Westinghouse), Alan Bradley (Allen Bradley) and GE (General Electric) name synonymous with motor control. By their similar circuit, but each manufacturer has its own improvements and habits. Typically by a motor normally open and normally closed start and stop button assembly. It is generally designated as a control relay CR for controlling the relay. The control circuit is also connected with overload and overtemperature contacts, in order to protect the motor, machinery and personnel. M represents the main contactor contacts. These large DC contactors, current contact design, because they are responsible for applying the armature and disconnecting the main circuit. Once the control circuit is energized, it will use a series of resistors and contactors to initiate the acceleration of the motor. These contacts are typically labeled 1A, 2A, 3A and the like. Accelerating the contacts open and close in accordance with certain controller armature current consumption and other timers in the timer.