Type stepping motor and important advantage

Update:06 Dec 2019

Substantially uncharged stepping motor of the motor bru […]

Substantially uncharged stepping motor of the motor brush. It is completely different with the DC motor. These motors are widely used in various applications, including commercial and industrial purposes. It is one of the most unique variety of motors can be run in any environment. It is low cost, simple structure, high reliability, and better performance at low speeds, it is widely used for various purposes. Also it is known to be a digital version of the motor.

The basic advantage of the stepping motor

Stepper motor has several advantages, mentioned below some of the most important advantages:

If the winding is energized, even in the rest position, the motor also having full power.

The rotation angle of the motor is proportional to the input pulse and to each other.

Stepper motors do not include contact brushes are therefore considered to be very reliable. The durability of the motor depends on the motor bearings.

These motors are also known to respond to the various functions included in the motor, such as starting, stopping, and reversing.

The motor may run low.

These may be implemented using different types of motor speed.

Different types of the stepping motor

Basically, there are three stepper motors, including hybrid, variable reluctance and permanent magnet. The hybrid motor is considered to be the most efficient motor, because it has the best features of the permanent magnet and variable reluctance. Hybrid motors are widely used in a variety of commercial uses, including CD players, computer disk drives, printers, and so on. These motors are also used in various scientific and industrial applications, for example in the automatic wire bonding and cutting machine, a pick and place machine tools, robotics, and the fluid control apparatus.

A permanent magnet rotor having a permanent magnet stepper cylindrical. It is often used to promote the purpose of the paper in the computer printer. The rotor has a permanent magnet stepper with a plurality of permanent magnet poles.

The variable reluctance motor having a rotor of soft iron cylinder with salient poles. It is considered the most expensive stepper or AC motors in use today. It involves fewer features, so it has been widely used in many applications.

Each motor step includes a variety of modes, such as full step, half step and micro step. These stepping mode may vary depending on the driver design. These motors can be connected in series and in parallel in two ways. Including high speed parallel and increased power, comprising in series the lower speed power.

Because many of today's AC motor can be used, thus requiring the power to choose and these motors are very important according to the speed of the motor. Today, many online stores offer a variety of stepper motor, the stepper motor built into many other features, reliability and price.