Why does the DC geared motor fail to measure resistance?

Update:23 Mar 2019

1. Winding fault: The winding has a short-circuit fault […]

1. Winding fault: The winding has a short-circuit fault in the turn-to-turn; the winding has two or more contacts with the casing, causing a ground fault.
2. Winding connection: The components of the group are not connected correctly; the connecting line of the geared motor, the length of the lead wire or the cross-sectional area do not meet the requirements. Check the connection rules of the winding components, connect the rules, and correct the components that are connected incorrectly.
3. In terms of wire breakage: the joint of the joint wire is broken; the wire of the coil lead or bend is broken; the wire of the wound wire or the parallel branch has a break. Check with the instrument, gently shake the wire, the instrument pointer will follow the swing, the test of the broken wire or the insulation resistance meter is not convenient, check and check and re-weld.
4. electromagnetic wire specifications: the magnetic wire thickness is uneven, a period of qualified, a certain paragraph is not qualified.
5. rewinding coil process: DC gear motor coil size is inconsistent; the number of coil turns is not right; line tension is uneven.