Anti-vibration motor noise reduction solution

Update:16 Nov 2021
Summary:Compared with passive vibration isolation technology, anti-vibration motor noise reduction, active vibration isolation t...
Compared with passive vibration isolation technology, anti-vibration motor noise reduction, active vibration isolation technology has a better vibration isolation effect, especially in terms of isolating ultra-low frequency vibration. Fuzzy control system is a typical intelligent control system. It uses fuzzy set theory, fuzzy language variables and fuzzy logic reasoning knowledge to control the principle, simulate people's fuzzy thinking methods, and control complex processes. The basis of fuzzy control is fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic is closer to human thought and natural language in meaning than other traditional logics.
Calculate the shear force and axial force, and then distribute the corresponding number of steel bars so that it can bear the external load. The seismic resistance of the anti-vibration motor itself is designed by using the structure of the house to produce large displacements in the elasto-plastic stage without collapsing. In short, when an earthquake occurs, the house is usually very soft and will not be damaged. The design we made in the design phase also followed this principle for reinforcement. The houses we live in have different earthquake resistance due to their different structures. The characteristics of the anti-vibration motor: the steel structure uses steel as the main structural material. Steel is characterized by high strength and light weight. At the same time, due to the uniformity and toughness of steel, it can produce large deformations, can withstand dynamic loads well, and has good seismic resistance.
How to arrange the anti-vibration, noise reduction, and anti-seismic support of the anti-vibration motor to obtain a better anti-seismic effect? How to arrange the seismic support during use to achieve a better seismic effect? This is what many friends want to know, and I will introduce them to the following industry experts. According to the opinions of relevant professionals in the industry, during use, the layout of seismic joints of seismic supports should meet these requirements: each horizontal straight pipe should be equipped with lateral seismic supports and hangers at both ends. Each section of the horizontal straight pipe shall be provided with at least one longitudinal seismic support and hanger.