Several major industrial countries overseas military control micro-motor development status

Update:12 Oct 2019
Summary:US military micro motor manufacturing industry has a long history, its products and the level of scientific research is ...

US military micro motor manufacturing industry has a long history, its products and the level of scientific research is a world leader. For a long time, Western countries military equipment and electronic devices use various types of micro-motors have been supplied by the United States most of several major companies.

The US military has become a standard micro-motor status with international standards. Britain has a good motor industrial base, military micro motor industry level is higher, and its products in addition to the military for their choice, but also to supply NATO countries. France, Japan, Germany and other countries of military micro-motor industry started late, its technical level is lower than the United States, too few varieties and specifications. France and Germany are dependent on their technical characteristics, to develop some new products, the formation of specialized technology products distinctive. The position sensing products such as France, West Germany, brushless motor and stepper motor, are at or close to the US level.

The former Soviet Union micro-motor industry has a long experience of development
History and formation of an independent scientific research and production system, take a closed centralized production, borne by a small number of large-scale military backbone enterprises, with special emphasis on product quality and reliability, but there are some gaps in their performance levels and new product development compared with the United States.
 Future technological developments such micro-motor should continue to enhance and improve the performance of traditional products, development of new varieties to meet special requirements. As the development of coarse, medium, fine three-channel position sensor, angular accuracy up to the second level, a resolution of more than 21bit. Low development of various types of AC and DC torque motor directly driving the servo motor mechanism for the multi-pole disk motor windings printed, the sheet-like micro-motor, in order to gradually replace the traditional structure of the product. Continue to improve and electronic components supporting micro-motor functions, the development of a dedicated microprocessor chips and integrated circuits, new principles and new methods of motor control research.