The status quo of my motor development

Update:21 Sep 2019
Summary:     At present, there are thousands of large and small motor factories in China. Although the number of enterprises is ...

     At present, there are thousands of large and small motor factories in China. Although the number of enterprises is huge, quite a few are small enterprises. Experts pointed out that due to the large number of manufacturers and large output, they have formed a competition for each other to seize the market price. The phenomenon of uneven product quality, competitive price competition, and low profit margins has become the main reason for the survival and development of motor enterprises.

   The motor itself is a labor-intensive product. It is difficult to produce benefits when it is not up to a certain scale of production, so the industry profits are very small. It is understood that even in some companies with better benefits, last year's net profit reached less than 5%. At the same time, due to the production process of most small enterprises, there is still a large number of unqualified products in the motor industry. According to the survey, the average loss of waste products, defective products and repaired products of China's motor enterprises is about 10%, while the level of unqualified motor enterprises in foreign industrialized countries is generally 0.3%.

   In recent years, China's motor industry has also emerged a number of enterprises with large production scale, good product quality, good quality and advanced technology and equipment. However, no one has a product share that can dominate the domestic market. Small and medium-sized motors have not yet formed an internationally influential brand. The motor industry urgently needs to re-integrate and survive the fittest, which has become the development trend of the motor industry. Experts pointed out that although the motor industry is an old traditional industry, the supporting motors of all walks of life are indispensable. Moreover, some of the larger motor companies have a large area and a good location. After the merger and acquisition, they will bring very rich benefits and financial resources to the acquirers. The motor industry has set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions. Boshan Pump Factory acquired Boshan Motor Factory, Midea Group Holdings Qingjiang Motor Factory, Zhejiang Wolong Company Holdings Hubei Motor Factory, Zhejiang Jinlong Company and Hunan Changde Motor Factory... A batch of fresh blood was injected into the ancient motor industry. The industry believes that these mergers and acquisitions of enterprises are mostly state-owned enterprises, product production has a certain equipment base and technical strength. After being acquired and merged, it injected liquidity and the operating system was changed from a state-owned enterprise to a private one. As a result, the scale of production expanded, the mechanism was flexible, and the company's benefits went up.

   Experts pointed out that in terms of structure and variety, due to the need to save energy and meet the needs of new industrial products, special dedicated derivative products will have greater development. Such as high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motors, generators that are compatible with renewable energy and new energy sources such as wind, solar, tidal, and gas will be rapidly developed. In addition, the demand for medium-sized high and low voltage motors and high-voltage high-power submersible pumps has also increased rapidly.