Easy to reduce the wear of DC motor

Update:31 May 2019

1. The main performance of failure after long-term use […]

1. The main performance of failure after long-term use
Vibration is enhanced during use. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the internal components of the DC motor are too worn or damaged.
2. Possible damage: gear tooth surface wear, gear tooth broken, gear gear shaft hole or keyway wear; screw hole at bearing hole is easy to fail due to wear; shaft surface and keyway are also easy to use due to long time And wear and tear.
3. Solution skills: This method is not all maintenance facilities have technical strength to repair according to this method, but if it is a large-scale equipment, can find repair points to repair parts, the overall cost of the enterprise will be greatly saved.
(1) If it is because of the wear of the shaft hole of the DC motor shaft shaft hole, etc., the original precision of the part can be restored by electroplating.
(2) If the teeth of the DC motor are broken or damaged, only the new parts are reworked.