Principles of selection of explosion-proof electrical equipment

Update:21 Jul 2022
Summary:The selection of explosion-proof electrical equipment must follow the following principles.1. Equipment selection princi...
The selection of explosion-proof electrical equipment must follow the following principles.
1. Equipment selection principle
The choice of explosion-proof equipment must be suitable for the degree of danger of the explosive mixture.
The so-called dangerous degree of explosive mixture refers to the group of explosion level and ignition temperature of explosive mixture. The selected explosion-proof electrical equipment must be compatible with the explosion level, group, and level of the hazardous area of ​​the explosive mixture, otherwise safety cannot be guaranteed. In addition, if there are two or more explosive substances with different levels of danger in the same area, an explosion-proof structure that is compatible with the explosion level and natural temperature level with a high degree of danger must be selected. In non-hazardous areas, ordinary electrical equipment is generally used. However, when containers containing explosive substances are placed in non-hazardous areas, there is also the possibility of danger under abnormal conditions. For example, dangerous substances are spilled due to corrosion of containers, or dangerous substances are released due to mishandling by operators, or high temperature and high pressure are formed due to abnormal reactions, which damage devices and containers and leak explosive substances. Therefore, the possibility of accidental hazards must be considered.
2. Choose the right type of explosion protection
The choice of explosion-proof construction must be suitable for use in hazardous areas. What kind of explosion-proof structure must be used in the hazardous area of ​​what nature. The explosion-proof performance is different due to the structure, so the appropriate explosion-proof type must be selected according to the type of explosive substances, the type of equipment, and the degree of danger of the installation site.
3. adapted to environmental conditions
The explosion-proof performance mentioned in this article is based on the standard environment. Explosion-proof equipment can be divided into "indoor use" and "outdoor use". Equipment used indoors is not suitable for outdoor use with an ambient temperature of 40°C. The equipment used outdoors should be adapted to the open-air environment, and measures such as sun protection, rain and wind and sand should be taken. In addition, some equipment is used in corrosive or toxic environments, high temperature, high pressure or low temperature environments, and when selecting explosion-proof equipment, special requirements to adapt to these special environments should be considered.
4. for easy maintenance
Maintenance and maintenance during the use of explosion-proof electrical equipment is extremely important. The simpler the structure of the explosion-proof electrical equipment, the better. At the same time, pay attention to convenient management, short maintenance time, low cost, and normal storage of spare parts and spare parts.
5. Pay attention to economic benefits
The selection of explosion-proof electrical equipment should not only consider the purchase and sale price, but also make a comprehensive analysis and balance of the reliability, life, operating costs, energy consumption and maintenance of the electrical equipment to select suitable and economical explosion-proof electrical equipment.