Reasons for the abnormal sound of the motor bearing and its treatment

Update:05 Jul 2019

The bearing is an important part of the motor operation […]

The bearing is an important part of the motor operation. According to years of maintenance experience, it is known that the maintenance of the bearing is directly regulated, which directly affects the service life of the bearing and directly affects the safe and efficient operation of the motor. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance work on a regular basis, according to the fault phenomenon that occurs, and deal with it in time to avoid the expansion of the fault; thus avoiding the burning of the motor and causing greater economic losses.

1. When the motor is running, a screwdriver can be used, the tip is placed on the bearing cover, and the ear is close to the wooden handle of the screwdriver to monitor the sound of the bearing. For example, the rolling element has a vague rolling sound in the inner and outer rings, and the sound is monotonous and uniform, which makes people feel relaxed, indicating that the bearing is good and the motor is running normally. If you hear an abnormal sound, you should analyze the cause and deal with it.

2. I heard obvious rolling and rolling sounds of the rolling elements, indicating that the bearing clearance is too large or severely worn and needs to be replaced.

3, the rolling body sounds dumb, heavy tone, indicating that the bearing grease is too dirty, there are impurities intrusion, you need to use kerosene to clean the bearings and replace the new lubricant.

4. The rolling body has an irregular impact sound, indicating that the bearing has individual rolling elements broken and needs to be replaced.

5. The sound of the whistle is similar to the rolling sound of the rolling element, indicating that the bearing lacks lubricating grease or the lubricating oil is improperly selected. It is necessary to add a clean lubricating oil or replace the suitable lubricating oil.