Selection of Baler Motor and Hydraulic Pump

Update:25 Oct 2021
Summary:The baler motor is the key component of all balers, and the hydraulic pump is only a hydraulic baler. Initially, the sel...
The baler motor is the key component of all balers, and the hydraulic pump is only a hydraulic baler. Initially, the selection of the baler motor made people very careful, combined with the hydraulic pump, but it also requires customers to be careful. Therefore, what details should be paid attention to for the important parts of the baler motor and hydraulic pump?
The basic factors considered by the baler motor and hydraulic pump include pressure, the relationship between pressure and pressure, speed and flow, the tolerance of pressure shock, the reliability and durability of operation, the characteristics of the oil and the speed of wear with the hydraulic pump The relationship, repairability, the fixed speed of the motor and the allowable speed of the hydraulic pump, the calibration characteristics of the baler motor and the hydraulic pump, the adaptability of variable control, the required flow rate of the hydraulic system, the volumetric efficiency and the total efficiency, the degree of leakage loss, Pollution tolerance, various loads, life expectancy at speeds, system safety pressure and high working pressure, oil suction conditions, compatibility of the entire system, cost and economic factors, etc. The principle of selecting motors and hydraulic pumps is to determine the type of hydraulic pump according to the power of the motor and the performance requirements of the system, and then determine the pressure and flow required by the system.
The choice of hydraulic pump should not only consider factors such as pressure, flow, volume, cost, etc., but also important in other aspects, such as the compatibility of the hydraulic pump system, the reliability of the pump and its expected life, etc. When choosing a pump, Consider the above factors one by one to make it have corresponding adaptability, so that the hydraulic pump in the system can operate reliably, otherwise various failures will occur.
The hydraulic baler motor and hydraulic pump are the power components of the hydraulic system to provide a certain flow and pressure. They are the indispensable core components of each hydraulic system. A reasonable selection of motors and hydraulic pumps can reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system, improve system efficiency, reduce noise, and improve Working performance is essential to ensure the reliability of the system.