Classification of windings of AC asynchronous three-phase motors

Update:14 Jan 2022
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Winding classification of AC asynchronous three-phase motor:
AC asynchronous three-phase motor single-layer winding:
A single-layer winding is one in which only one active side of the coil is embedded in each stator slot, so the total number of coils is only half of the total number of slots in the motor. The advantage of single-layer winding is that the number of winding coils is small and the process is relatively simple. No interlayer insulation, improving slot utilization. The single-layer structure does not cause phase-to-phase breakdown failures. The disadvantage is that the electromagnetic waveform generated by the winding is not ideal, the iron loss and motor noise are large, and the starting performance is slightly poor. Therefore, single-layer windings are usually only used for small-capacity asynchronous motors. According to their coil shapes and the different arrangements and arrangements of the termination parts, single-layer windings can be divided into chain windings, cross-chain windings, concentric windings and cross-concentric windings.
1. AC asynchronous three-phase motor chain winding
The chain winding consists of single-layer coil elements of the same shape and width. It is named after each coil at the end of the winding, like a set of chain links. Special attention should be paid to single-layer chain windings, whose coil pitches must be odd, otherwise the windings will not be arranged.
2. AC asynchronous three-phase motor cross-chain winding
Cross Chain Winding If the number of slots per pole of each phase 9 is an odd number greater than 2, the chain winding cannot be arranged and arranged. In this case, it is necessary to use cross windings of single and double coils.
3. AC asynchronous three-phase motor concentric winding
All coils of concentric windings in the same pole phase group surround the same circle center.
4. AC asynchronous three-phase motor cross concentric winding
When the number of slots Q per phase per stage is greater than 2, concentric windings can be used.
The advantages of single-layer concentric windings and crossed concentric windings are that the winding and embedding of the windings are relatively simple, while the disadvantage is that the coil ends are too long and consume too much wire. Except for occasional use in small capacity 2- and 4-pole motors, this type of winding is rarely used today.