Anti-vibration motor: a good helper for anti-vibration and noise reduction

Update:04 Jan 2022
Summary:Whether it is a public place (school, etc.) or a residential building, we need to improve the stability and safety of th...
Whether it is a public place (school, etc.) or a residential building, we need to improve the stability and safety of the building structure by improving the seismic resistance of the building through earthquake-proof motors, so as to prevent the occurrence of problems and be contained to solve the safety problems from the source. Therefore, we may have to enhance the stability of the overall structure of the building in order to better resist earthquakes and other disasters. Improving the earthquake resistance level of buildings is an effective measure for earthquake resistance, which can reduce the degree of damage.
Needless to say, the actual anti-vibration motor's inter-characteristic index value cannot be less than the set characteristic index value. So, have you figured out the physical meaning of the actual characteristic index value for the fulcrum structure? Can the seismic support frame be replaced with another support frame? Although the support frame commodity is mainly used as the support point of the load, the earthquake support frame refers to the support frame that can resist earthquakes. Its effect is different from general support frame products. The seismic support frame is used in the mechanical and electrical engineering of engineering construction to resist earthquakes, and it can not only reasonably reduce the damage to the pipelines, cable bridges and other mechanical equipment by the earthquake.
Anti-vibration motor vibration reduction and noise reduction
If the anti-vibration motor checks that everything is normal, the shock absorber should be further dissolved to check whether the gap between the piston rod and the cylinder liner is too large, whether the cylinder liner is scratched, whether the gate valve is well sealed, and whether the piston is normal. Valves and high-pressure gate valves should not be tightly adapted, and whether the stretch yellow of the shock absorber is too soft or broken. According to the situation, use the method of sharpening or repairing. In addition, common failures of shock absorbers in specific applications of sound are mainly due to the shock absorber colliding with car leaf springs, window frames or axles, damage to or falling of the leather pads, and deformation of the shock absorber’s anti-vibration and fouling cylinders, hydraulic pressure Insufficient oil, etc., should be investigated and repaired.
Minimize some safety risks that may be encountered during the construction phase. During the entire construction process, effective risk prevention is the last word. The anti-vibration motor ensures that the seismic level of the reinforced building can meet the requirements estimated by the customer. After the seismic reinforcement construction is completed, at this time, the customer will undoubtedly request an elite team of technical professional inspections to conduct a seismic level inspection of the building. If after inspection, the earthquake resistance level of the building is still unqualified, the construction company should also take preventive measures as soon as possible to solve the defects of the building in a short time and an earthquake occurs. The resistance level of the building can be completely based on the second inspection.