56 Frame Dripproof Single-Phase Jet Pump Motor

56 Frame Dripproof Single-Phase Jet Pump Motor


HP: 1/3HP-3HP

Capacitor Start

Frame: 56J

Rolled Steel

NEMA design: N

Service Factor: 1.15

Insulation Class: F(UL approved)

Enclosure: ODP

IP Class: IP23

CSA&CUS,UL certified

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Company Advantage

1. Cixi Waylead Electric Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China, close to the famous international ports Shanghai and Ningbo. The economic and technical conditions are superior, and the transportation is convenient.

2. Cixi Waylead is a professional 56 Frame Dripproof Single-Phase Jet Pump Motor Suppliers and 56 Frame Dripproof Single-Phase Jet Pump Motor company with rich industry experience. We can make "tailor-made" 56 Frame Dripproof Single-Phase Jet Pump Motor according to the requirements of different customers. All our motors are exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, etc. Motors are widely used in woodworking, air compressors, blowers, fans, water pumps, hydraulic pumps, etc.

3. All our oem 56 Frame Dripproof Single-Phase Jet Pump Motor and commercial processors have passed CSA & CUS certification, and some motors also have UL certification. The three-phase high-efficiency super-efficiency motor has passed the certification of Canada and the United States Department of Energy in 2007 and 2010.

4. On-site quality and production are managed by "6S". Implement ISO9001 international quality management system standards. Waylead has won the favor of many well-known international buyers with its excellent quality, reasonable price, punctual delivery and good service. Waylead looks forward to working with you in the near future!


Industry Knowledge Extension

What application scenarios is DRIPPROOF SINGLE-PHASE JET PUMP MOTOR suitable for?

DRIPPROOF SINGLE-PHASE JET PUMP MOTOR is typically used in pumping applications that require waterproof performance and a single-phase power supply. Here are some possible application scenarios:
Outdoor use: Due to its waterproof properties, this motor is suitable for outdoor water pump systems, such as garden irrigation, pond or water feature circulating water systems.
Humid environment: In humid environments such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc., DRIPPROOF motors can protect internal electrical components from moisture, so this jet pump motor is particularly suitable for use in these environments.
Agricultural applications: In agricultural irrigation systems, especially in open environments or environments with easy access to water sources, waterproof single-phase jet pump motors can operate reliably to ensure the normal operation of the irrigation system.
Small water treatment systems: For small water treatment systems, such as household water purification or small pond filtration systems, this motor can provide a stable and reliable pumping power.
Temporary or mobile applications: Due to its single-phase power requirement, this motor can be easily connected to a home or small generator's power supply, making it suitable for temporary or mobile pumping needs such as construction sites, campsites or temporary Drainage system.
Household Use: In household applications such as washing vehicles, watering gardens, or cleaning floors, this waterproof single-phase jet pump motor provides convenient and reliable pumping.
It should be noted that although this type of motor is waterproof, additional protective measures are still required to ensure long-term stable operation of the motor in extremely harsh weather conditions or when it is immersed in water for a long time. In addition, when selecting and applying this kind of motor, you also need to consider the specific flow, head, power and other requirements to ensure that it can meet the needs of actual applications.