New type steel shell motor export structure

Update:23 Sep 2021
Summary:Background technique:The low-power steel shell motor is very popular in the market because of its small size, light weig...
Background technique:
The low-power steel shell motor is very popular in the market because of its small size, light weight, good performance and convenient use. The electric energy converted by the power generating parts of the motor must be output to the outside of the generator through wires, and the wires must be arranged on the motor housing. The outlet hole leads the cable out. Because the steel shell motor shell is curved and thin, in order to adjust the cable to a certain extent and prevent the cable from being confused, it is necessary to fix the cable with a wire clip; after passing the cable through the round hole of the shell in the traditional fixing method, please Use special calipers and rubber hammers for installation. The installation process is more difficult, which affects production efficiency. Especially in winter, due to low temperature and hard cable sheath, it is necessary to heat and soften the cable. This increases the difficulty of assembly, and may cause damage to the cable and inconvenient use.
The technical realization elements of steel shell motor:
Aiming at the technical problems of complicated assembly and low safety of the existing steel plate shell motor outlet structure, the utility model provides a steel plate shell motor outlet structure that is easy to assemble and has high safety.
To this end, the present invention includes a rotating shaft, a rotor fixedly connected to the outer circumference of the rotating shaft, a stator surrounding the rotor along the circumferential direction of the rotating shaft, and a housing accommodating the rotor and the stator. There is an outlet hole on the shell, and the stator leads the cable. The cable passes through the outlet hole and into the outside of the housing. The outlet hole is equipped with a line card. The cable is installed in the line card. The line card matches the exit hole. The end of the outlet hole has an opening extending to the edge of the housing.
The structure of the new steel shell motor is simple. According to the outline size of the line card, a reasonable outlet hole is designed on the steel shell motor shell, and an opening is provided at the end of the outlet hole to extend it to the end surface of the shell. After fixing the cable, use the clamp to move the line card from the opening to the outlet hole, press the line card and the cable in firmly, and release the clamp after pressing down. It will rebound naturally, and the line card will be squeezed by the internal and external forces of the housing and the cable. The cable can be locked firmly by pressing, which is convenient to operate and effectively improves the production efficiency; a protective cover is provided to protect the connection between the external cable and the shell to prevent the cable from being damaged during the fixing and use process, and to improve the safety performance.